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Let's Troll Out Loud

Let's Troll Out Loud

Hi . My name is Aditya.
I am 18 , male .
Follow me and I will follow back.
I love people who love Manchester United.
add me on bbm : 22F07637

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No,we’re not all attention whores. Some of us are only recovering and trying to feel more “human” and if human is what you’d call being ignorant and judgmental..then I guess, insanity is far much better. Being suicidal is a SICKNESS that stays with fucking Depression..even after years of counseling and therapy, it stays. Just one trigger..and there it goes again. We relapse. NO, IT’S NOT FOR ATTENTION. If you think it’s for attention, just leave us the way we are. We’re trying to be ourselves, even if it means for us to be sadistically pathetic. ‘cause at least, WE’RE SOMETHING, and to be honest, it’s not easy. Place yourselves in the shoes of someone who wakes up everyday, just to try killing herself/himself, over again. Or someone, who lives with other people smiling, but on the inside, his/her anxiety is eating his brains and he/she can’t fucking take it anymore! Not easy, you see. Not easy at all. Eating disorder is NOT a call for attention. Why? NOBODY would be that emotionless to puke out what he/she just ate, FOR FUCKING ATTENTION. OR, nobody would end up obese knowing that it’s not good for their health ‘cause it’s a fucking DISORDER AND IT’S REAL. If you don’t consider this a disorder and don’t take this seriously..WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE? WHY DO YOU TRY TO MAKE US FEEL WORSE? If you want us to just go ahead and try killing ourselves again, GO THE FUCK AHEAD. Just stop with the abusing, the nagging, the thing about us being IMPERFECT. FINE, we aren’t, BUT AT LEAST WE’RE TRYING TO BE BETTER PEOPLE. And that’s what matters, I guess.

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